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Terms and Conditions

Pre Repair Device Conditions

1. It is recommended to back up your device before any repair. Simply Fix cannot be held liable for any data loss that may occur during a repair.

2. If the requested repair requires labor and/or parts not specified, Simply Fix may seek your approval for a revised estimate.

3. All Jobs must be collected within 30 days of completion, unless prior arrangement has been made. Jobs that are not collected in this period may be deemed as “Uncollected Goods” (Uncollected Goods Act 1995), and/or may incur a storage fee. Uncollected Goods may be sold/disposed of after the required time has elapsed.

4. Liquid damaged devices are worked on for data recovery only. We will not repair a device that has had signs of liquid damage. Liquid damage can cause problems in the future on devices due to corrosion reappearing. You agree that you do not hold Simply Fix or its staff liable if your device stops working after a data recovery service.

5. When a phone is dropped, it can sometimes cause microscopic fractures in the board that may cause problems only after a board is removed or repair completed. This may result in different problems arising.

6. If your device is brought to Simply Fix in a non-working condition and we are unable to test the device to ensure other functions are working, Simply Fix will not be held liable for any other functions not working after the repair. We will notify you and you can approve or reject to repair the additional issue at additional cost.

7. All repair times given are estimates only and cannot guarantee a particular repair time frame. When parts are required we cannot guarantee delivery times as shipping is out of our control.

8. By using company service you acknowledge that your manufacturer warranty may or may not be voided and do not hold Simply Fix or it’s staff liable for voided warranties.

9. By signing this work order you agree that you are the owner of this device, or have permission from the owner to have this device repaired.

Post Repair Device Conditions:

1. By signing here you agree that you have tested the device and all functions are working as designed. Any issues with the device, other than that which was repaired may be repaired at a cost to the customer if not identified at time of pickup. 

2. Simply Fix test all devices where possible prior to pick up. If we have not been provided with a passcode we will not have tested the device post repair and cannot confirm everything is working correctly.

3. Any issues with the parts repaired are only covered under a manufacturer warranty for either 12 months for OEM/Original screens or 6 months for other parts. No warranty is provided for accidental damage, Broken Screen and Rear Glass and liquid damage data recovery jobs.

4. Most types of glass are held in place by double sided adhesive. Should the glass/screen lift/detach in any way, please return it to us straight away. We will not cover warranty on a screen that is in some way broken, even if the break occurred after the screen started lifting. If the device’s frame is warped/bent/twisted etc. We will do our very best to reshape the frame to get the glass/screen to sit flush. If the screen is not 100% flush because the frame is slightly or severely bent or twisted, you agree that this is not a warranty issue, and that replacing the frame of your device is the only way to get it 100% straight.

5. Any technical defects, Faults caused by improper workmanship or materials and any touch or ghosting issues will be covered by our warranty.

6. Any Accidental Damage, Damage to Screens, Fascias and Surroundings (inc. fading and discolouration). Any Liquid damage will not be covered. After each repair we can not guarantee The device IP Rating. Any issues caused by 3rd party applications or accessories, and any components added since the item was originally repaired.

7. All our parts are covered by manufacturer warranty. As soon as your device has an issue that is covered by warranty please bring it back into the store. If there is any accidental or water damage done to the device will make the warranty VOID.

8. Your device warranty will not be extended after a warranty claim.

Trade In

By trading in your device you agree that you are the owner of this device and it is not currently under contract with any service provider. You also agree that you have removed the device from your iCloud account and that the device is not barred to use in the uk from a uk network. Once the device has been traded in the device becomes property of Simply Fix and cannot be canceled.

Refunds are subject to fallen apples discretion and products have to be not opened and in sell-able condition on return.

 Please refer to The Consumer Rights Act 2015 for further information.

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